There currently is still a large disconnect between the executives and InfoSec teams.  This is due impart that most of the time there the two groups do not speak the same language.  Most InfoSec teams and managers speak in technical jargon.  Most Executives speak in Risk, and not Informational Risk, but Business Risk.  FSB has the ability to educate an entire organization.  We have the ability to speak to the InfoSec teams about the Business Risk concerns from the Executives, as well as explain the Business Risk due to InfoSec Risks.

We can also work on an education programs for all members of in organization.  Most organizations should know the philosophy that security is everyone’s responsibility, but most employees do not know what that means and do not understand how this befits them.  FCB works to create this type of full lifecycle program to close the gap.

We also help educate organizations on what solutions and InfoSec technologies they should consider.  We have ran countless POCs and can help an organization find the right holistic solution.  InfoSec technologies and products have exploded into a multibillion dollar industry of FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt).  Companies are making millions of dollars using FUD and confusion and preying on organizations and Executives.  Do you want a nice dinner from your provider, or an ROI?  FSB will help guide you through what types of solutions your specific organization should be looking at.  We can also help partner with you for product selection.  We have worked with most vendors and know what most bring as a benefit and can help you spot the snake oil.